Apply to be our next MP – *Application Date Foreshortened*

23rd July 2023 – Update – Applications are now closed. A sift committee will be meeting in early August to review applications.

Members will be able to vote for their preferred candidate once the Sifting Committee has chosen the most suitable candidates in early September

A date for the new Waveney Valley Constituency will follow.

The Vacancy for a prospective MP for the new South Norfolk Constituency currently being advertised: 

Application Period Opens 10/7/2023

Application Period Closes 31/7/2023 Please note that this date has been foreshortened to 21st July 2023 10:00 by CCHQ

A Selection Council has been convened and approved Prospective Parliamentary Candidates are invited to apply via the Party’s approved process.

Qualified interested parties can contact our office by filling in the form here

More news on the revised new Waveney Valley Constituency will follow.