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East Depwade Division – Martin Wilby

Your Conservative County Councillor for East Depwade Division

East Depwade division comprises Brockdish, Brockdish, Needham, Pulham Market, Pulham St Mary, Redenhall with Harleston, Scole, Starston

About Martin

Martin has lived in South Norfolk with his wife Jenny all of his life. They have two sons James and Richard and two wonderful grandchildren. He is an experienced community champion and Councillor who puts the need of South Norfolk residents first by supporting first class care for the elderly and being tough on crime including anti-social behaviour.

As a school governor he feels it’s important to support local village schools, youth groups and local businesses. Martin has been a member of South Norfolk Council for the last sixteen years. His interests are computers, cricket, football, playing table tennis and walking in the countryside with his two labradors, Bonnie and Bruce.

Martin’s strengths are listening to people and he has a practical common sense approach to life with a capacity for commitment and hard work. Martin says “I like to get things done locally so I am proud to have set up at South Norfolk the Neighbourhood fund, the Local Action Fund and the local Member Grants, all of which support grass-root community projects, which help local volunteers to deliver valuable amenities from which so many residents benefit.”