Everything local Conservatives do at South Norfolk Council is aimed at improving your quality of life whilst keeping council tax rises under control by containing costs.

Our team believes in doing practical things to make life better rather than constantly complaining or campaigning against things.

Our plans are more than empty slogans. Each pledge is backed by detailed, costed and funded budget capable of being delivered by 2027.

We keep our election promises and honouring these positive pledges will make South Norfolk a better place for you and your family.


Our Election Candidates

All across South Norfolk forty six Conservative community champions are standing in this election, each dedicated to solving local problems and growing a stronger economy and creating better lives for local people one family at time, one street at a time, one place at a time.

Click on their pictures to learn more about them and how they plan to make life better for you.

Delme Thompson

James Easter

John Fuller

Stephen Ridley

Daniel Elmer

Keith Kiddie, Graham Minshull & Kieran Murphy

Margaret Dewsbury

Kim Carsok

David Bills & Kathryn Cross

Martyn Hooton

Trevor Graham

Josh Woolliscroft

Kay Mason Billig

Lisa Neal & John Overton

Vic Thomson

Jonathan Carver

Andy Evans

Richard Elliot

Robert Savage & Kevin Hurn