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Brooke ward – John Fuller OBE

Your Conservative Councillor for Brooke ward

Brooke ward which comprises 2700 electors in Alpington • Bergh Apton • Brooke • Kirstead • Mundham • Seething • Yelverton and is represented by one Councillor on South Norfolk Council

John is your best choice for brooke ward All across South Norfolk forty six Conservative community champions are standing in this election, each dedicated to solving local problems and growing a stronger economy and creating better lives for local people one family at a time, one street at a time and one place at a time. Here in Brooke ward John Fuller is the local Conservative candidate and he hopes that you will support him on polling day.

About John

John was born in Great Yarmouth fifty four years ago and has lived in Brooke with wife Philippa and two daughters Susan and Laura for over twenty five years.

John is involved in the agricultural industry by profession and has played a significant part in ensuring that our country has the security of supply for vital fertilisers that form the start of the entire food chain.

He is an experienced Councillor and has served on South Norfolk Council for twenty years including the last sixteen years as Leader of the Council.
He is a someone who understands how to get the results local people want by working hard in public and private to achieve the right solutions.

During Covid John was responsible for the local pandemic response in South Norfolk. He ensured that thousands of food & medicine parcels were delivered and local businesses got as much help as possible during the weeks of lock down.

As we move on from the pandemic, he is proud to have been able to secure a number of significant grants for local voluntary groups to make life better for local organisations in our villages we rebuild after Covid.
Recently he has helped raise money to support local Ukrainian mothers and children families who are hosted locally whilst their husbands and fathers fight for our way of life.

He has helped local sporting clubs like the Brooke Bowls, Tennis & Cricket clubs with grants, the Brooke Playpark and has supported allotments, play parks and other cultural events in nearby villages.

John is interested in Second World War history serves as President of the Tower146 Association in Seething. He enjoys sailing and is often seen on local roads on his historic Grey Fergie tractor.

John has the proven enthusiasm, energy and commitment required to be a district councillor. He has served as a School Governor.

He is a national expert on local government finance & pensions and has appeared on the BBC News Channel, BBC Radio4’s Today program, Money Box Live and further interviews on Radio 5Live, Sky News and Radio Norfolk.

He says “As an experienced Councillor I am fortunate that I am in a position to get things sorted for local people in the villages of Brooke ward and I derive a great deal of personal satisfaction getting results for those many people who come to me every week to solve their problems.

Your Conservative District Council

A Message from the Leader of the Council

John Fuller OBE

Conservative Leader of South Norfolk Council

Following the Elections held on 4th May 2023, local Conservatives run South Norfolk Council.  Running a council is a serious business but we never forget our mission to make South Norfolk one of the best places to live in the country.

We are proud of everything we do and strive to be the most efficient, highest performing and technologically advanced Council in Norfolk.

You can read about the promises that we made at election time by reading the manifesto summary below.

The Five Pledges we made to you at the Election

Our Manifesto Summary

Our 2023 Manifesto

A Plan that delivers for every resident and business in the whole of South Norfolk

Download Our Manifesto Summary Here