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Thurlton ward – Andy Evans

Your Conservative Candidate for Thurlton ward

Thurlton ward comprises 2600 electors in Aldeby • Burgh St. Peter • Gillingham • Haddiscoe • Thurlton • Toft Monks • Wheatacre and is represented by one Councillor on South Norfolk Council

All across South Norfolk forty six Conservative community champions are standing in this election, each dedicated to solving local problems and growing a stronger economy and creating better lives for local people one family at a time, one street at a time and one place at a time. Here in Thurlton ward Andy Evans is the Conservative Candidate who works to improve your lives.

About Andy

Andy has lived in Toft Monks for nearly twenty years having moved from Hertfordshire to take up a job in the rural parts of Norfolk & Suffolk. He is married to Ann and together they have four grown up sons.

Andy is a pharmacist by profession and made the whole of his forty-two year career in the NHS. Starting as a hospital pharmacist, he rose up the ranks to become the most senior manager in the part of the local NHS that focuses on community health in the coastal communities of Norfolk & Suffolk.

Andy is proud that his sons followed him into medical careers and enjoys travelling to spend time with his family. He is keen on conservation and appreciates our natural environment including the importance of the Southern Rivers on the Broads.

Andy knows what it takes to create places where good health is as important as creating a strong economy.

It was his job to bring Councils, the NHS, police and other parts of the State together to actually solve problems one family at a time to make healthier communities.

He says “The Covid lockdowns really brought home to me what a wonderful place we live in. There is a great community spirit which sustained us through some dark days. I saw at first hand how the local Council responded by delivering food & medicine parcels to the most vulnerable, who were stuck at home.

He knows from personal experience that this is so much more important in rural villages where deprivation is not as obvious as it might be in a city. His local knowledge means he knows at first-hand the issues that people are concerned about.

Andy has the enthusiasm, drive and commitment to be a district Councillor.

He says “Throughout my career in medicine I knew how important it was to have people on your side and by your side. I know I can be the strong voice that speaks up for local residents. I am sure I will be able to use my influence to get things sorted in our local villages and make a larger contribution across the district making South Norfolk one of the best places to live in the Country. Please support me at the polls on 4th May.”

Your Conservative District Council

A Message from the Leader of the Council

John Fuller OBE

Conservative Leader of South Norfolk Council

Following the Elections held on 4th May 2023, local Conservatives run South Norfolk Council.  Running a council is a serious business but we never forget our mission to make South Norfolk one of the best places to live in the country.

We are proud of everything we do and strive to be the most efficient, highest performing and technologically advanced Council in Norfolk.

You can read about the promises that we made at election time by reading the manifesto summary below.

The Five Pledges we made to you at the Election

Our Manifesto Summary

Our 2023 Manifesto

A Plan that delivers for every resident and business in the whole of South Norfolk

Download Our Manifesto Summary Here