Our new Federation Chairman writes

Mike Melling was elected to be the Chairman of South Norfolk & Waveney Valley Conservatives on September 29th 2023. Mike lives in Loddon with his wife Penny and has been a leading executive in the financial services industry. He writes

I am privileged to have been elected as the new Conservative Federation Chairman for South Norfolk and the Waveney Valley.

Together it will fall to the 700 local members of our party together with family and friends to make the case for Conservative Government at the general election that will come within 12 months.

Making that case is going to need more than believing in opportunity for everyone to get on in life, sound money and generating the wealth our nation needs to earn it’s place in the world. People who believe in the freedom to express our thoughts and to get around in our cars.

We will be blessed with two great prospective parliamentary candidates. We can only form a Conservative Government if both of them are elected to Westminster.

As your chairman I want to ensure that we boost the number of activists and volunteers across the two constituencies.

I want to ensure that we raise the funds to take the fight to our political opponents.

And I want to ensure that the voice of local members is heard locally and in London.

I want to increase the number of local activists. In part this means organising a series of enjoyable events with like minded people, which I hope you will support.

Seven hundred local members with the support of family and friends and new volunteers will provide the fighting force we need to return our candidates to parliament and play our part in ensuring conservatives form the next government.

If you’d like to get involved please contact me using the form here or call us on our office number 01508 333100.