The 2023 South Norfolk District Council Elections

May 2023 Local Elections District Campaign Site

All across South Norfolk forty six Conservative community champions are standing in this election, each dedicated to solving local problems and growing a stronger greener economy and creating better lives for local people one family at time, one street at a time, one place at a time.

Learn About Our Manifesto Pledges

Learn more about our Manifesto here and download our manifesto summary here

“Local Conservatives want to give you some really positive reasons to be able to vote for us in the local elections. Running a council is a serious business but we never forget our mission to make South Norfolk one of the best places to live in the country.

We re-invest all our income to provide the best quality services. We’ve frozen our share of the Council Tax for nine of the last sixteen years so our share of council tax rises in South Norfolk’s are a quarter less than inflation putting hundreds of pounds in your pocket.

It can be done!

We keep our election promises and honouring these five positive pledges will make South Norfolk a better place for you and your family to live in.

  • We Will Keep Council Tax Under Control Doing More For Less
  • Building A Greener Economy We Can All Be Proud Of
  • Practical Help With The Cost Of Living For The Hardest Pressed
  • Investing In New Facilities That Improve The Place We Call Home
  • Promoting Active & Healthy Lifestyles That Boost Quality Of Life